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Juni Juliet

VIB Events is proudly to present to you Juni Juliet a great performer , singer and musican. Due to Juni Juliet’s broad and international experience he always knows how to turn every event & party into a spectacular and unforgettable musical performance. His repertoire takes you back to the 60′s, 70′s and 80′s, from blues to jazz and from laidback sounds to high-energy party music. Juni Juliet is ready for a new adventure… get ready for more !!!

Juni Juliet has released two solo albums and worked on various other albums (B.e.s.s., Libea and Short Cut). In 1987 he received a Caribbean Grammy Award for best duet; Ban Biba Awor (Let’s live now) and in 1989 for the best song; Guitara.After living in Norway, Juni moved to the Netherlands where he performed as a singer, pianist and entertainer at various locations and events.Concept like Crazy Piano’s,.Sing&Swing, Pasta e basta (singing waitstaff) He also played at after party’s of the well known Dutch singers Rene Froger, Gordon and Gerard Joling  ‘de Toppers’, Frans Bauer and stars like Lee Towers, Marco borsato, Glennis Grace…..

For 2 years, Juni has worked at Crazy Piano’s in Scheveningen,Rotterdam,Barcelona.. He also introduced the ‘Sing ‘n Swing’ concept to The Netherlands and has turned it into a great success. Since 2007 Juni is back on Curacao where he continues his musical career with performances at various locations ..  Juni has been active in cabaret and performed as a singing artist and pianist in various countries including Japan, Russia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Sweden, Norway Switzerland, Finland, New York, Miami, Las Vegas, France, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands and England. In New York he performed in shows with groups such as and ‘Charles St. Paul’.